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NLWC at the Tokyo Olympic Games...a Historic Performance! David Taylor-Gold, Kyle Snyder-Silver, Thomas Gilman-Bronze, Bekzod Abdurakhmonov-Bronze, Jane Valencia-First-Ever Mexican Women's Wrestler to be an Olympian & Franklin Gomez-3X Olympian

Published August 8th, 2021 by NLWC Staff

Congratulations to the NLWC Olympians

Congratulations to the NLWC wrestlers who competed at the Toyko Olympics! The Club is proud to have been represented by these incredible wrestlers on the biggest stage in wrestling!

In men's freestyle competition, NLWC wrestlers earned a medal in four of the six weight classes! That is beyond incredible and is a testament to the Olympians, the Club's coaches, the training partners, and all of the Club's donors, members, sponsors, and volunteers who have come together to build the NLWC program and create this level of success!

David Taylor - 86 kg Olympic Gold

Kyle Snyder - 97 kg Olympic Silver

Thomas Gilman - 57 kg Olympic Bronze

Bekzod Abdurakhmonov - 74 kg Olympic Bronze

Jane Valencia - First-ever Mexican Women's Wrestler to be an Olympian

Franklin Gomez - 3X Olympian

Congratulations to Team USA

Congratulations to Team USA on an a spectacular Olympic performance, winning nine total medals with three being Gold Medals! Congratulations also to 57 kg Olympic Bronze medalist Helen Maroulis who spent the early part of 2021 training with the NLWC.

Special Thanks to all of the NLWC Supporters! Your generosity has built the NLWC Program and has made this Olympic success possible!!!

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