***Starting in May, 2024, all incoming membership/sponsorship contributions will be applied to the upcoming Sept. 1, 2024-Aug. 31, 2025 membership/sponsorship year.  Thanks for your support of the NLWC!

SEPTEMBER 1, 2024 – AUGUST 31, 2025

$25Individual/Family Membership$2,500
U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist
$100U.S. National Champion$5,000
U.S. Olympic Coach
$250U.S. Olympic Team Member$10,000
U.S. 2X Olympian
$500U.S. Olympic Bronze Medalist$20,000+
U.S. 2X Olympic Medalist
U.S. Olympic Silver Medalist

The Nittany Lion Wrestling Club is a tax-exempt, charitable, and educational organization [IRS code Sec 501 (C) (3)].

If you experience any problems becoming a member, please Contact Us.

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To join the Club for for the Sept. 1, 2024-Aug. 31, 2025 Membership year, please complete the information below and submit.  

If you wish to support the Club by donating on a monthly basis, that option is also available below.  Just select "Monthly" where you are asked if you want to make your donation one-time or monthly?  

Information on Making Monthly Donations

-Select one of the membership levels from $25 up through $5,000 or select "Different Amount"  and enter a dollar amount that you are comfortable donating.

-Where you are asked, "Do you want to make your donation one-time or monthly?", select "Monthly".  

-After submitting, your credit card will automatically be charged each month the amount that you selected, and you will receive a receipt each time it is charged.  

-If you would select a monthly amount less than $25, you will join the Club’s membership list when your monthly payments add up to $25 for the current membership year (Sept. 1 – Aug. 31).  As your monthly payments add up for a particular membership year, your sponsorship level will also be adjusted accordingly. 

-If you ever want to stop your monthly payments, you can do so by clicking on the “Contact Us” button on the NLWC website and making your request to stop payments or by e-mailing Dave Hart (NLWC Treasurer) at 

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Stay tuned for more info on our upcoming Truck Raffle!  Can read the Terms & Conditions here.

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