Golf Tournament Results


1st Place Gross-55    Cael Sanderson

                                    Cole Miller

                                    Vince DeAugustine

                                    T.J. Howe

2nd Place Gross-56   David Taylor

                                    Christian Elliott

                                    Matt Porter

                                    Ryan Dornes

3rd Place Gross-57   Larry Walker

                                    Tom Taricani

                                    Ed Washell

                                    Paul Tomczuk

1st Place Net-43        Chester Holmes

                                    Tim Wirt

                                    Kelly Holmes

                                    Collin Holmes

2nd Place Net-45       Brian Romesburg

                                    Steve Gaugler

                                    Nick Langone

                                    Eric Thompson

3rd Place Net-46        Joe Bastardi

*Playoff                       Jake Varner

                                    Casey Cunningham

                                    Nate McCoy

Closest to the Pin #3-    Brad Able

Closest to the Pin #6-    Paul Tomczuk

Closest to the Pin #10-  Bill Reilly

Closest to the Pin #15-  Owen Woolcott

Longest Drive #2-           Ryan Dornes

Accurate Drive #4-          George Purnell

Longest Putt #18-           Joe Bastardi


1st Place Gross-55    Jess Bastardi

                                    Dane Young

                                    Garret Bastardi

                                    John Strunck

2nd Place Gross-56   Mark Howe

*Playoff                       Mike Schall

                                    Ben Howe

                                    Jeff Rupert

3rd Place Gross-56   Cael Sanderson

                                    TJ Howe

                                    Chris Snyder

                                    Vince DeAugustine

1st Place Net-51        Larry Walker

                                    Bob Poole

                                    Brad Karch

                                    Chris Aumiller

2nd Place Net-52       Doug Hazel

                                    Nate Lucas

                                    Sam Nastage

                                    Fred Lucas

3rd Place Net-53        Dave Becker

*Playoff                       Andy Way

                                    Jim Ahn

                                    Darrel Owen

Closest to the Pin #3-    Matt Lutze

Closest to the Pin #6-    Garret Bastardi

Closest to the Pin #10-  Susan Travis

Closest to the Pin #15-  Joe Kolano

Longest Drive #2-           Tim Ziola

Accurate Drive #4-          Jason Eike

Longest Putt #18-           Chris Ladis

Mega Putt-                       Nolan Shaaf


1st Place Gross – 54          Cael Sanderson                                 1st Place Net – 39              Matt McCutcheon

                                              Chris Snyder                                                                                    Eric Weyant

                                              Rob Linepensel                                                                               Nick Stone

                                              Trent Miller                                                                                     Christian Elliot

2nd Place Gross – 55         John Vogel                                          2nd Place Net – 43            Colby Wesner

                                              Calvin Ritter                                                                                    Mark Stankiewicz

                                              Greg Adams                                                                                     James Kim

                                              Scot Micklewright                                                                          Larry Stan

3rd Place Gross – 56         David Taylor                                       3rd Place Net – 50             Joe Bastardi

                                              Vance McDonald                                                                           Nate McCoy

                                              JD Dorns                                                                                          Casey Cunningham

                                              Matt Porter                                                                                     Jake Varner

Longest Drive #2-             John Henry

Closest to Pin #3-             Dan Brunetti

Straightest Drive #4-       Chris Snyder

Closest to Pin #6-             Mark Stank

Closest to Pin #10-           Jess Bastardi

Longest Putt #18-             Jim Ford


Team Results

Gross Score


Cael Sanderson, Vince DeAugistine, TJ Howe, DJ Dornes

2nd Place 

Jess Bastardi, John Strunck, Garrett Bastardi, Dane Young

3rd Place

Jerry Lauchle, Tom Monoski, Gilbert Balliet, Frank Monoski

Net Score


Jess Bastardi, John Strunck, Garrett Bastardi, Dane Young

2nd Place 

Joe Bastardi, Les Sigman, Casey Cunningham, Frank Molinaro

3rd Place

Chris Nelson, Robert Welsh, Bill Galloway-Owens, Bubba White

Longest Drive #2 - DJ Dornes

Closest to Pin #3 - Rogers Alexander

Straightest Drive #4 - Chad Dubin

Closest to Pin #6 - Dane Young

Closest to Pin #10 - JD Dornes

Closest to Pin #15 - Bill Owens

Longest Putt #18 - Bryan Treaster


Team Results

Gross Score

Champions - Score of 57 (Tiebreaker)

Ed Hanlon, Bob Piccione, Dick Dewalt

2nd Place - Score of 57

Fred Lucas, Nate Lucas, Sam Nastase, Doug Hazel

3rd Place - Score of 58

Barry Mosebach, Ken Kline Jr., William Dayton, Benjamin Spence Jr.

Net Score

Champions - Score of 53

Ken Roberts, Tom Goulinis, Michael Lorenzo, Hachiro Oishi

2nd Place - Score of 54 (Tiebreaker)

Jeff Byers, Stephen Woolcott, Owen Woolcott, Jason Woolcott

3rd Place - Score of 54

Gilbert Balliet, Frank Monoski, Tom Monoski, Jerry Lauchle



Mammoth Restoration & Construction

Mortgage Network, Inc.

Weinken Wealth Management


Champion Sports Rehab

Decker Tape Products, Inc.

George Edwards & Marty Strayer

PFG-Partners Financial Group


Galen Dreibelbis

DuffPro Contracting

Martin & Suhey Orthopedics

Kim & Bob Nielsen

John Stach


The Apartment Store

Bedminster Excavation-Gerry Smith

Flips Wrestling

First National Bank of Pennsylvania

Tom Goulionis

Pennoni Associates, Inc.

Rapid Transit Sports

Romesburg Construction, Inc.

Wasson Insurance Agency


Adidas Wrestling

Amateur Wrestling News

Terry Chandler

College Heights EXXON

Days Inn Penn State

Directed Technologies Drilling, Inc.

Gregg Henry

KBB Realtors-Larry Walker

Pennsylvania Wrestling News Magazine

Seaman & Associates-Jerry Seaman

State College Spikes

WIN Magazine


American Airlines-Jim Smith

Bruce Bahmat

Richard & Susan Crouse

George Edwards

J. Michael Fay, D.D.S., P.A.

Nature's Cover

Kenny and Brenda Porter

The Tavern Restaurant

Dawn & Bill Winterburn


Blaise Alexander Auto Dealership for Donation of 4 Vehicles as Hole-In-One Prizes

Lion County Kia for Donation of 1 Vehicle as Hole-In-One Prize



Collegiate Pride, Inc.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott

Hospitality Services-Nittany Lion Inn


Shaner Hotels

Trader Joe's


Team Results

Gross Score

Champions - Score of 53

Vince DeAgustine, Garrett Bastardi, Cael Sanderson, T.J. Howe

2nd Place - Score of 56

Jim Ahn, Dave Becker, Andy Way, Mike LaBrecque

3rd Place - Score of 59

Nate Lucas, Fred Lucas, Same Nastase, Doug Hazel

Net Score

Champions - Score of 52

Tom Katanik, Charley Debow, Andy Duff, J.D. Coccia

2nd Place - Score of 53

Johnny Strunck, Jess Bastardi, Gaye Woodward, Cooper Woodward

3rd Place - Score of 53 

Eric Henchey, Dan Megaludis, Chris Blanchard, J.P. Hussey

Skill Contest Results

Straightest Drive Hole #1: Scott Cohagen

Closest to the Pin Hole #5: Gilbert Balliet

Closest to the Pin Hole #6: Mike McGraw

Longest Putt Hole #7: Bob Kutz

Closest to the Pin Hole #9: Ben Howe

Closest to the Pin Hole #10: Johnny Strunck

Longest Drive Hole #14: J.P. Hussey

Closest to the Pin Hole #18: Drew Seibert


Team Results

Gross Score

Champions - Score of 52

Vince DeAugustine, Cael Sanderson, John Pomponi, & Doug Biz

2nd Place - Score of 56

Jess Bastardi, John Strunck, Dane Young, & Garrett Bastardi

3rd Place - Score of 58

Larry McClure, Ralph Dailey, Barry Reichart, & Tim Raup

Net Score

Champions - Score of 57

Robert Handschue, Kenneth Kline, William Dayton, & Barry Moseback

2nd Place - Score of 60

Fred Lucas, Nate Lucas, Sam Nastase, & Doug Hazel

3rd Place - Score of 62

Charles DeBow, Andy Duff, Martin Duff, & Adam Duff

Skill Contest Results

Closest to the Pin Hole #4


John Strunck

Closest to the Pin Hole #8


Jake Varner

Closest to the Pin Hole #14


Jay Woolcott

Closest to the Pin Hole #17


John Pomponi

Straightest Drive Hole #6

Cody Sanderson

Longest Putt Hole #10


Ed Poorman

Longest Drive Hole #18

Vince DeAugustine


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